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Take control of your group’s finances.

Developing and tracking a budget can be a big job for a volunteer treasurer. To help you out, we have developed specialized budgeting software specifically with you in mind. Budget Builder is easy to learn, easy to use, and will help you make your budget quickly and accurately.

The best part about BudgetBuilder is that it is FREE! Simply register for a free account and immediately start creating your group’s budget. No strings attached.

 (This functionality is already built in to MoneyMinder. If you’re a MoneyMinder user, go to Settings/Budget to enter your budget.)

Why Use BudgetBuilder?

  • Create your budget quickly, easily and accurately
  • Manage and track budget
  • Set budget goals
  • Customize header and category names
  • Calculate in real-time as you add, remove or change budget amounts
  • Categorize budgets into groups
  • See expenses and reserves quickly to highlight potential adjustment areas
  • Forecast how a major purchase or expense would impact your budget
  • It’s Free! Just register and start creating your budget.

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